Genesys Industries is a diversified multi-industry advanced manufacturer of cnc machined components and products. The company is a vertically integrated with core emphasis on product design, engineering and precision manufacturing of complex components and products. Some of the industries served include Aerospace, Automotive, Biotech, Defense, Firearms, Food Processing, Industrial, Maritime, Medical, Railroad, Renewable Energy, Oil and Gas, Packaging, Telecom, Textiles, Pulp Paper, Transportation and many more.

The company takes great pride in supplying products worldwide to high-tech industries. From early in our company’s development specializing in complex component geometries was of interest and is still the passion at the very center of Genesys Industries structure and growth plan. We have years of experience with high speed machining of aluminum and hard tool and alloy steels, 5-axis machining, and 3-D parametric solid and surface modeling.

As evidenced by our most recent CNC machine tool acquisitions, Genesys Industries continues its commitment to automation technology. Automation is present for maximum factory output and increased spindle uptime. The latest machine tools, robots and software has been at the center of our business planning focus. Genesys Industries strategy forward will always focus on staying current with the latest manufacturing related software applications, including: Autodesk Fusion 360, Bobcad, Mastercam and Solidworks. Our track record for staying ahead of the curve ensures your requirements will be managed with the greatest efficiency at Genesys Industries.