January of 2017, the leadership team of Genesys Industries began to implement a growth strategy that will leverage its strengths in pursuit of profitable growth. These strengths include management expertise, substantial liquidity and potential access to additional capital. Our strategy focuses on the following three areas, and is implemented by our team:

Targeted acquisitions

The company intends to make selective acquisitions of asset based advanced manufacturing companies of complex components and products that would benefit from greater scale and potential access to capital. We may make similar acquisitions of product supply chain companies, among others. We believe that the company is in a position to make acquisitions by using organic resources, together with the funds expected to be generated from operations and funds available under possible future revolving credit facility, and potentially by expanding such credit facilities.

Organic growth

The company is planning to add a significant number of new B2B sales offices throughout North America on its sales operations. We are actively recruiting general managers with a track record of building successful bolt on operations. We expect our new initiative to generate revenue growth by developing customer and supplier relationships in new territories.

Optimized operations

The company intends to accelerate the earnings performance of its existing operations, newly acquired companies and new product introductions by investing in an expanded sales and service workforce, implementing an advanced secure IT infrastructure, incorporating industry best practices, leveraging scale to share capacity more efficiently and increase buying power.