Genesys Industries machining capabilities range from simple 2-axis turned components to complex 5-axis milled details. We use state-of-the-art, palletized and robotic loaded, “cellular” machining centers with high-capacity, standardized, resident tooling and standardized work-holding. We use the premier programming software and maintain highly trained operators to assure that machined products delivered by Genesys Industries meets specifications and exceeds expectations.


Our processes include: CNC 5-axis milling, Sheet Metal brake forming, CNC high speed turret punching, CNC Fiber Laser Cutting, CNC tube bending and forming, “T” tube pullouts, hydroforming and stamping of any number materials including aluminum, stainless, titanium and other alloys.


Genesys Industries delivers raw finished goods to complete “turnkey” finished and assembled products that meet or exceed standards in the commercial and industrial markets. Genesys Industries has received quality approvals from major (OEM) manufacturers in various high tech industries.


We are an industry leader in the assembly of multiple-detail components into sub-assemblies and finished-assemblies. Genesys delivers this critical manufacturing step to a range of products in the commercial and industrial markets.


Genesys Industries recognizes that a commitment to acquiring and maintaining the latest computer and machine tools and technologies is critical to supporting our customers. We have committed to maintaining complete in-house CAD/CAM, CNC and CMM machine programming and reverse engineering capabilities, which allow us to offer complete manufacturing engineering and design for streamlining machining and tooling processes that result in manufacturing cost reductions.


In support of our customers’ Lean and Best Practice Initiatives, Genesys Industries offers kitting services to help streamline the flow of components to their assembly lines. Genesys has, or will make available for Prime customers, warehousing and detail storage facilities where finished goods may be stored and kitted to customer specifications, upon demand. These services provide just-in-time (JIT) delivery to support and conform to our customers’ lean manufacturing processes.

GENESYS INDUSTRIES Manufactures Thousands of Products for the World’s Leading OEM’s

Our Processes Include:

  • Robotic Palatalized 5-axis CNC Milling & CNC Turning.
  • Large Parts Milling & Turning.
  • Multi-Spindle Screw Machining, Micro Swiss Turning.
  • CNC metrology & Shop Floor Robotic Arms.
  • Precision Grinding, Surface Grinding, OD/ID Grinding.
  • CNC Tube Bending, Light Fabrication.
  • Product Assembly, Finishing including in-house Heat Treating.


With Genesys Industries 3d printing services, product development is no longer confined by the constraints of lead time and expense. Take your product from design to complete prototype in a matter of hours, choosing from a wide range of materials including Ultem, Nylon, ABS, and Polycarbonate. We not only have the ability to produce your additive parts, but we can also perform post processing and post machining operations in-house.

Check the form, fit and function of your parts in a fraction of the time and cost of conventional prototyping. Genesys Industries brings you expedited 3D Printing services so that you can bring your product to market at a rapid pace and with confidence.


  • Get your parts as fast as one day
  • No issues for design complexity with additive manufacturing
  • No tooling to buy, No Fixtures to make.
  • Facilitates rapid iteration, shorter product lifecycles
  • Produce parts on demand, eliminate inventory using additive manufacturing
  • Customize each part, low volume to production quantities.


  • ABS-ESD7
  • ABS M30
  • ABS M30i
  • ABSi
  • ASA
  • Nylon 12
  • PC/ABS
  • PC-ISO
  • PPSF
  • Ultem 9085
  • Ultem 1010


  • Aluminum AlSi10Mg
  • Aluminum AlSi10Mg_200C
  • Cobalt-Chrome MP1
  • Cobalt-Chrome SP2
  • Maraging Steel MS1
  • Nickel Alloy HX
  • Nickel Alloy IN625
  • Nickel Alloy IN718
  • Stainless Steel 316L
  • Stainless Steel CX
  • Stainless Steel GP1
  • Stainless Steel PH1
  • Titanium Ti64
  • Titanium Ti64 ELI


With a world-class supplier network, Genesys can supply your metalworking and MRO requirements. Our supplier relationships provide our customers with access to the widest range of products and technical support. Genesys has relationships with more than 6000 industry-leading suppliers, and through our integrated supply chain business, access to more than 1,000,000 products for direct shipment virtually anywhere in the world.

Request to view our catalog for all your tools, safety, and consumable job site needs. Complete with MSDS and Specification Sheets. Pricing and Delivery information is available upon request when you provide us the Product Item # you are interested in purchasing.

We are dedicated to providing your hard to find industrial material needs. Our expansive inventory in industrial-grade products guarantees you will never have to wait for your material. Genesys has a sales team to provide all our clients with results-driven solutions, which includes the best price and delivery for time-sensitive material. Genesys utilizes teaming agreements in order to provide integrated supply chain solutions that include direct material supply, onsite consignment inventory, fabrication and manufacturing of engineered goods. We continuously meet and exceed our client’s expectations by delivering material on time and per the required specifications.