Corporate Governance

Genesys Industries and the Board of Directors have developed corporate governance guidelines to help ensure it fulfills its responsibilities to shareholders, employees, and suppliers. These guidelines also ensure that the Board has the authority and practices in place to review and evaluate the Company’s business operations and to make necessary decisions.

The purposes of the governance guidelines are to:

  • Establish and preserve management accountability to the shareholders by appropriately distributing rights and responsibilities among board members, executives, and shareholders.
  • Provide a structure through which management and the Board set objectives and monitor performance.
  • Strengthen and safeguard our culture of business integrity and responsible business practices.

Our Success comes from the ability to provide innovative, high quality services and solutions that enable our end users and customers to either enjoy or deliver service excellence to their customers. Underlying our future success is our core value of integrity, which translates to an approach to corporate governance that extends beyond compliance with rules and regulations. We believe that our corporate governance must provide a framework for establishing a culture of accountability and responsibility.

Strong corporate governance begins with the exemplary tone set at the top from our Board of Directors and Executive Management team. Our respective Board members and CFO establish, maintain, and monitor standards and policies for business practices, compliance, and ethics. Our Executive Management team sets strategic business objectives to help ensure that Genesys Industries, Inc has a core leadership group that is dynamic and responsive and that institutes strong financial and internal controls.

With any small public company, there is a balance between the cost of time, money, and management attention spent on corporate governance and the bottom line benefits these efforts yield. We believe the best way to strengthen investor confidence and to present our company in the best light for our shareholders in creating long-term value of the company is to establish and adhere to strong corporate governance principles while focusing on delivering solid results and growing the company.