TUCSON, ARIZONA, Florida – June 6th, 2017 – (M2 Presswire) Genesys Industries, Inc today announced that the company is awaiting a trading symbol for its IPO shares of common stock. All holders of the company’s common stock will receive notification on the symbol and trading commencement when available. Before the IPO shares can trade, a market maker in the common stock must file a Form 211 with FINRA, indicating compliance with Rule 15c2-11 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, before a broker-dealer can post a quotation for the company’s stock. Once the filing is completed and cleared by FINRA, trading in the IPO stock will commence. The company has no control over the timing of the Form 211 process or when a symbol will be allocated and trading will commence.

Company Spokesperson, commented: “It is our understanding that our sponsoring market maker has filed a Form 211 application and is currently working directly with FINRA examiners on the process of obtaining the company stock symbol. We are hopeful that trading in our stock under our new symbol will start once FINRA approves the application.”

About Genesys Industries

Genesys Industries is a diversified multi-industry advanced manufacturer of complex components and products. The company is a vertically integrated precision cnc manufacturing and fabrication company with core emphasis on product design, engineering and precision manufacturing of complex components and products. Some of the industries served include Aerospace, Automotive, Building Materials, Food Processing, Industrial, Maritime, Medical, Railroad, Oil and Gas, Packaging, Telecom, Textiles, Pulp Paper, Transportation and many more. Follow us on twitter @genesysind

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